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Tweets of The Week: March 15

Stria Staff March 15, 2019

Stria highlights social posts from the longevity market. Following are the very best tweets from recent weeks.

We hope these make you smile, feel inspired, learn something and most importantly, will encourage you to join the public conversation. The more we elevate the issues that matter most, the more impact our collective voice will have.

1. This story on NYC’s first LGBT-friendly senior housing. Click through for a wonderfully rich snapshot of older LGBT New Yorkers.
2. Jane Brody in The New York Times breaking down the benefits of intergenerational living.
3. Rich Eisenberg calling out this actively ageist column on politicians. (The piece begins “You will call me an ageist, but I don’t care.” Grrr.)
4. More great Kaiser Health News coverage at the intersection of aging and health. This time a focus on better responsiveness to older dialysis patients.
5. This AP story about rising rates of injury among older people walking their dogs. Love your pups, but let’s be careful out there!

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