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Tweets of The Week: June 7

Stria Staff June 7, 2019

Stria highlights social posts from the longevity market. Following are the very best tweets from recent weeks.

We hope these make you smile, feel inspired, learn something and most importantly, will encourage you to join the public conversation. The more we elevate the issues that matter most, the more impact our collective voice will have.

1. This important look at the rising challenge of food insecurity among older people from Ted Knutson via Forbes.
2. This great insight into the future of aging from the always-thoughtful Rich Eisenberg.
3. This Forbes article looking at how Medicare might lower health care costs by funding social supports. The news is mixed.
4. This image of younger leaders talking about multigenerational workforce at AARP’s The Future of Work event. Love to see AARP walking their intergenerational talk!
5. This dual celebration of Pride and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Connectedness abounds!

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