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Tweets of the Week: June 1

Stria Staff June 1, 2018

Here are some of our favorite longevity market Tweets from the week. Follow us at @StriaNews and use #StriaNews to let us know what posts you think matter most.

1. This real talk from The SCAN Foundation’s Dr. Bruce Chernof in response to Kaiser Heath News‘s story on surprising drug cost realities.

2. This Slate piece about one company’s solution for seniors with value in their homes (and Anne Tumlinson’s key takeway).

3. This New York Times story about the paltry options for searching for the right care community.

4. A reminder that allowing older people—or anyone in our society—to languish and suffer is morally unconscionable.

5. Ashton Applewhite walking her talk (as usual!) by calling out everyday ageism.

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