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Tweets of The Week: February 15

Stria Staff February 15, 2019

Stria highlights social posts from the longevity market. Following are the very best tweets from the week.

We hope these make you smile, feel inspired, learn something and most importantly, will encourage you to join the public conversation. The more we elevate the issues that matter most, the more impact our collective voice will have.

1. This post that was part of a tweet storm to raise support for the FAMILY Act. (Not sure what that is? Check out this great overview from Indivisible!)
2. This story highlighting new research on the value of volunteering, including through programs like SeniorCorps.
3. This NPR piece on how Senior Companions (another federal program!) helps prevent isolation among older adults.
4. This CNBC segment featuring aging-in-place expert Louis Tenenbaum. (We love seeing issues like this on the business news. The longevity market is mainstream.) 
5. Yet another story on the power of older women. This one is focused on a new book Women Rowing North.(Let us know if it should make our Required Reading List!)

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