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Tweets of The Month: August 2019

Stria Staff August 23, 2019

Stria highlights social posts from the longevity market. Following are the very best tweets from recent weeks.

We hope these make you smile, feel inspired, learn something and most importantly, will encourage you to join the public conversation. The more we elevate the issues that matter most, the more impact our collective voice will have.

1. The several months of tweets sharing Kathy Brandt’s experience with terminal cancer. She and her wife, both hospice experts, captured the day-to-day of Kathy’s decline with frankness, detail and honesty.
2. This thread on caregiving that demonstrates how universal and rarely discussed caring for our elders still is in the US.
3. This crazy news that a 29-year-old singer was told she’s too old to be sexy. What the what?!
4. This look overseas at how Asian consumers are changing what aging means in their culture.
5. This photo series that remind us love knows no age!

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