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Special Editorial: The Truth About Older Women

Stria Staff October 7, 2019

This month, Stria presents a special report that separates fact from fiction when it comes to older women in our society. 

Culture, the media, marketers, employers and everyday people make assumptions and hold misconceptions about older women. But what is the truth about today’s older women?

Forget about the stereotypes. America’s nearly 50 million women over 50 are living vibrant lives, working and spending, and caring for the people that mean the most to them.

We’re shinning a light on the truth about older women with stories that look at their lives from different angles. We’re separating facts from fiction to ensure longevity market professionals better understand this critical—and growing—audience.

Come back here each week and check out our weekly emails in October for more stories uncovering truths about older women.

Editorial & Sponsored Content

stories of aging

Trick Or Treat! Women’s Stories of Aging Are a Mixed Bag

Growing older isn’t one single experience for women. This Halloween, we’ve got a handful of stories of aging—each with its own unique flavor.

Women Are Redefining Aging as a Source of Strength

Older women are standing up for themselves, making their own life decisions and finding their power, according to a recent Stria reader survey. 

What’s Next for Single 50+ Women at Work?

The growing population of older single women is looking for work opportunities, including entrepreneurship. How can we help them find paths forward?

Beyond the Stereotypes: Facts About Women Over 50

Despite what the stereotypes imply, today’s 50+ women are living vibrant lives, working and spending, and caring for the people that mean the most to them.

Busting Myths About Happiness and Older Women

Older women often are portrayed as sad, lonely or downright cranky. In reality, they are actually a pretty happy, satisfied bunch. 

The Truth About Older Women? We Aren’t All Elders

Generalizations about women over 50 just don’t make sense. “Reinventing Your Life” author Sandra Hughes reminds us that women embrace entrepreneurship for a variety of reasons at different life stages.

Women Welcome In The Longevity Economy

From college classrooms to the executive suite, women are seizing opportunities in the longevity economy.

Women's Worries

Well-Founded Worries for Older Women

A survey from NCOA identifies worries about a wider economic security gap for older women.

Grandparents Are a Critical, Often Overlooked Consumer Group

Marketers would be wise not to ignore this fast-growing and eager-to-spend demographic.

hacking longevity

Understanding What Drives Well-Being in Women Across The Lifespan

Women are changing the conversation on aging, and AARP says most say their best years are still to come. 

Required Reading: Women, Leadership and Influence

These books on women and leadership were recommended by Sandra Hughes, startup mentor and author of “Reinventing Your Life.”

Stria sponsor Life Reinvented made “The Truth About Older Women” special editorial series possible.

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