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The Most-Read Stories of 2019

Stria Staff December 30, 2019

Stria readers made these headlines the most popular stories on our site in 2019.

From supporting family caregivers, to fighting ageism to elevating intersectional thinking, these stories reflect the critical topics in our field this year. This most-read list echoes of the findings from our State of the Longevity Market industry survey (which is available as a free download to full-access subscribers).

As we head into 2020, we’re taking a look at the stories that mattered most to our readers. Thank you to all of the longevity market professionals who have visited strianews.com this year. We’re grateful for your readership and your support!

1. We’ve Reached A Pivot Point in Healthcare: A Call to Invest in Family Caregivers

Our most-read story of 2019 makes the case that family caregivers are the key driver in achieving person-centered care and reducing healthcare costs. The essay was contributed by Thomas P. Riley, President and CEO of Seniorlink. Why should our field invest more in family caregivers?

2. Can the Village Movement Scale to Support Aging in Place?
village movement

The trend is clear: older adults want to age in place. The Village Movement, a national network of nonprofit membership organizations, helps make that possible. Can Villages grow to play a significant role in aging-in place?

3. What Is Trauma-Informed Care for Older Adults?

Trauma-informed care is a concept from psychiatry—with growing applications in health care more broadly. What role does past trauma plan in today’s healthy aging?

4. Gerontologists Are Becoming a Hotter Hire As Consumers Age

This story from 2018 is still a must-read on Stria. Companies outside the traditional field of aging are starting to recognize the value of gerontologists. Could your organization benefit from an aging expert?

5. What Matters Most to Boomers As They Age? It May Not Be What You Think
boomers age

This stories covers finding from a study of the “young old” that challenges some commonly held assumptions. What new learning emerged about their preferences for caregiving and aging-in-place? 

6. Serving Super Seniors: How Are Older Adults Really Using Technology?
seniors use technology

GrandPad CEO Scott Lien looks at what we really know about older adults and their use of technology in this essay. What does new research say about the gap between what seniors say about tech use and actual use?

7. When It Comes to Aging, Intersectionality Matters

Thinking intersectionally can generate insights and models that help all of us live with dignity and power. Janet Kim of Caring Across Generations and Rachel McCullough of New York Caring Majority co-wrote this important essay. Why does intersectionality matter in today’s aging society?

8. Beyond the Stereotypes: Facts About Women Over 50

Part of our special series on older women, this story busts myths about today’s 50+ women. How do the facts paint a different picture than our culture would have you believe?

9. Inside the MIT AgeLab With the Oldest Old
oldest old

This story features the 85+ Lifestyle Leaders, who help deepen our understanding of the longest living, little studied cohort. What key takeaways has MIT learned from these often-overlooked seniors?

10. Fighting Ageism Requires Long-Term Action

One of our first stories of 2019 explains that anti-ageism efforts are gaining momentum. What can be done to sustain initiatives over time?

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