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The Most-Read Stories of 2018

Stria Staff December 30, 2018

In March 2018, Stria News published its first story. In the nine months since, you’ve made these headlines the most-read on our site.

From fighting ageism to elevating intergenerational thinking, these stories reflect the critical topics in our field this year. This most-read list echoes of the findings from our State of the Longevity Market industry survey (which is available as a free download to full-access subscribers).

As we head into 2019, we’re taking a look at the stories that mattered most to YOU. Thank you to the nearly 20,000 longevity market professionals who have visited strianews.com this year. We’re grateful for your readership and your support!

1. This Ageist Ad Got the Longevity Market Angry

Our most-read story of 2018 reported that aging and longevity professionals were up-in-arms against an unlikely cause: an advertisement targeting youth. The consensus was this ad is ageism at its worse.

2. Does “Purpose” Really Matter to Older Adults?

If you’ve worked in the longevity market for any time, you’ve probably heard about the importance of goals and feeling valuable for healthy aging. Is “purpose” just another buzz word?

3. The Investor View on the $7 Trillion Longevity Economy
longevity economy

A $7.6 trillion market opportunity is a call for disruptive ideas and investment in innovative solutions. Stria spoke to investors and entrepreneurs for perspective.

4. Gerontologists Are Becoming a Hotter Hire As Consumers Age

Companies outside the traditional field of aging are starting to recognize the value of gerontologists. Could your organization benefit too?

5. Rethinking Intergenerational Design

The Stanford Center on Longevity’s Ken Smith knows first hand that intergenerational design is vital. But when it comes to product design, are we really leveraging the value of older adults?

6. Can We Fight Ageism Without Turning Our Backs on Aging?

LeadingAge’s Robyn Stone says we should own our age-identity while also fighting stereotypes. Are we taking the anti-ageism movement too far?

7. Aging, Activated and Radical: What’s Fueling the Anti-Ageism Movement?

Dedicated grassroots activists and innovative organizational campaigns are fighting to end age discrimination. We looked at today’s activism landscape.

8. Life Interrupted: The Struggles and Triumphs of Millennial Family Caregivers
millennial caregivers

AARP went beyond the data points and hear stories of Millennial caregivers. Jean Accius shares the struggles and brightest moments of these young people. 

9. Changing How We Talk About Aging: Moving from Research to Practice

Leading organizations are waging an uphill battle to transform the way society talks about older age. How is the field aligning messages?

10. Time to Turn up the Volume on Intergenerational Programs

The CEO of the Eisner Foundation Trent Stamp says it is time to demand intergenerational programs.