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Don’t Even Think About It! Aging Taboos

Stria Staff June 11, 2018

Stria and LeadingAge are collecting the aging-related topics that you think we need to talk about more openly.

Our society is filled with taboos. The things that are considered forbidden or inappropriate. The things we don’t talk about above a whisper. Sociologists will tell us that some cultural mores can help define and maintain order in society—but some are just plain unhealthy.

When it comes to aging, we can think of a long list of needlessly prohibited topics. Don’t think about dying. Don’t look at those wrinkles. Don’t talk about financial struggles. And whatever you do, don’t even hint at older people having sex!

We want to know what aging taboos our readers see in your lives and work. What are the taboo topics that you think we need to talk about more openly? Submit your answer in the form below.

Stria will report back on what we learn to help bring some of these issues into the light. We’re partnering with our friends at LeadingAge, who have a podcast called Aging Unmasked, which seeks to “normalize, humanize, and unmask taboos in aging.” We encourage you to check it out.

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