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Stria Studio

Everyday, Stria creates meaningful and impactful stories for our readers. Stria Studio allows you to leverage that expertise to help you engage seniors, Boomers and peers in the field.
We create branded content and communications strategies that drive influence, awareness and impact for longevity market clients. Stria works with our Studio clients to develop custom solutions that best serve your goals.
Strategic Consulting
  • Stria “Office Hours” (hourly consulting)
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Thought Leadership Development
  • Digital Communications Planning
  • Audience Engagement Strategy
  • Marketing to Seniors & Baby Boomers
  • Brand Development
Branded Content
  • Articles and Essays
  • Special Editorial Series
  • Custom Graphics and Visualizations
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Live and Animated Videos

We combine smart strategy with expert journalism, custom design and seamless production to deliver your brand’s message. Stria Studio clients receive custom fee estimates based on your specific scope of work.

Our Clients

Stria Studio works with leading brands in the longevity market. Following are just a few of our recent clients.

How Can We Help You?

In our 2018 State of the Longevity Market Survey, the top challenge for businesses and organizations was building brand awareness. Stria Studio can help. Email us today for a consultation.

Download our overview for more about Stria Studio.

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