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Stria News

Stria’s mission is to provide information, experiences and content that inspire cross-sector solutions for our aging society. We believe in the power of media to advance the longevity market—and our editorial choices deliver on our mission. Stria News is available to longevity professionals through annual paid subscriptions. Our content includes:
Daily Headlines & Aggregation

We help define what’s newsworthy for our busy readers.

Stria’s curation and aggregation content reflects our unique perspective on what matters most in the longevity market. We don’t offer “everything aging;” we offer a thoughtfully constructed executive summary of longevity news. We identify the happenings and headlines that influential readers need to keep current, stay smart and make progress.

Trends & Topics

We tell stories that are accessible and applicable in our readers’ professional lives.

Stria’s reporting seeks to uncover or elevate issues that have cross-sector value, but not necessarily cross-sector visibility. We rely on experienced journalists to create original content that identifies and explains the trends and topics that longevity leaders need to understand.

Ideas & Thought Leadership

We make unexpected connections and ask unanticipated questions.

Stria goes beyond reporting on the market; we also influence where it’s heading. Our editorials, interviews and expert essays stimulate new conversations and new ways of thinking. Stria seeks to jumpstart advances in the field.

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