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Stria Live

We convene leaders, influencers and creative thinkers around critical issues in the longevity market. Stria events are designed to connect disparate parts of the field—so we can make tangible progress together.
Issues, Insight & Impact

Issues that Matter: Stria works with experts, partners and sponsors to identify critical issues and event topics that matter most to the longevity market.

People with Insight: Our invitation-only events convene experts, advocates, innovators and decision-makers to spark new ideas and build new networks.

Impact We Need: Stria shapes effective agendas that yield real outcomes—and we expand the impact of our work through Stria News coverage and reader engagement.

Event Sponsorship

Stria Live Sponsors have a unique opportunity to

  • Elevate issues that matter to you
  • Connect with key influencers
  • Position and reinforce your brand
  • Drive meaningful progress

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