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Longevity and the Stock Market

Stria Staff March 15, 2018

How the longevity market responds to stock market changes.

Many longevity professionals don’t think of their work as being connect with the stock market—especially those in nonprofits or associations. But our field and the older consumers we serve are not immune to market fluctuations. Here are a few different perspectives on why the market matters.

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Column: Why U.S. stock market dive points to good news for retirees
Reuters / Mark Miller

Late-career employment plays a critical role in determining your retirement security. These typically are the highest-earning years, and they can be important for building savings or earning credits toward higher Social Security or pension payments. And the Great Recession, and the ensuing decade of weak demand for labor, has had a crippling effect on the retirement prospects for millions of Americans.

Raising Money When the Stock Market is Tanking: A Few Words of Wisdom
Inside Philanthropy / Kathy LeMay

I have raised more money during the toughest economic periods of the last 20 years because I have focused on donor empowerment and engagement, rather than how much money I can raise today.

You are there in support of a great mission. The donor is there in support of a great mission. Focus on the mission, the future, and your shared values and the money will follow. 

Senior Housing Feels the Pain as Stock Markets Plunge
Senior Housing News / Tim Mullaney

“As rates rise, the economics of development will be affected and go-forward decisions on development activity may be paused or aborted,” she [Beth Burnham Mace, chief economist of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)] said. “This will have many repercussions for businesses directly involved in development, as well as for those with indirect ties to development activity.”

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