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Special Editorial: The Role of Technology in Social Isolation

Stria Staff September 2, 2019

This month, Stria considers the growing problem of social isolation among older adults—and how technology can help address it.

There’s a new epidemic on the rise. More and more of us—including older adults—are dealing with the impact of social isolation and loneliness. When nearly 3 in 10 adults over the age of 40 report feeling socially isolated, the longevity market cannot afford to overlook this significant challenge for our clients and customers.

You may have heard the statistic that social isolation increases health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. But did you also know that it’s increasing health care costs? Or that people growing old alone—so called “elder orphans”—are also a growing segment of society? What about older Americans in rural areas? How is isolation having an impact on them?

Social isolation and loneliness is a complicated issue, with many nuanced challenges. And those of use who work to support older adults know that technology can be part of the solution. The following stories explore social isolation among older people, and look at promising products, programs and solutions that leverage tech for real impact.

Come back here each week and check out our weekly emails in September for more stories on the loneliness epidemic, perspective from experts and more. And mark September 26 on your calendar to join us for a Stria Live online event on the role of technology in social isolation. Register now!

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Technology Alone Won’t Solve Isolation and Loneliness in Aging 

Despite huge advances, there is no technology that can replace human touch.

Making Rural Connections

Despite challenges, tech can ease isolation for rural older Americans.

Stria Live Online Event: The Role of Tech in Social Isolation

Join Stria and our special guests on September 26 to explore the growing problem of social isolation among older adults—and how technology can help address it. 

You’ll hear from experts at leading senior tech firms on recent research quantifying the impact of technology on isolated older people. Then, it’s your turn to weigh in with Q&A and small group breakouts. Register today!

The Future Is Here: How Tech Is Uniting Humans to Fight Loneliness

Technology is already changing the world. Dr. Kerry Burnight of GrandPad, asks “Why not use that change to fight loneliness among older adults?”

Minds, Bodies and Wallets: The Cost of Social Isolation and Loneliness 

Mounting data and research increases understanding—and highlights the need for a range of solutions.

High Tech Meets High Touch in the Future of Care

Balancing high-tech solutions with the human touch of a Home Instead Senior Care CAREGiver is key to advancing the future of care.

Older Consumers Straddle the Digital Divide

Older consumers’ relationship with technology is changing fast, as increasingly tech-savvy boomers enter the senior marketplace. 

seniors use technology

Serving Super Seniors: How Are Older Adults Really Using Technology?

Until we understand how older adults are using technology, we cannot assume that standard devices are helping them be less isolated and lonely.

The Unseen Opportunity of Elder Orphans

Avoiding the pitfalls of social isolation and loneliness is also a challenge for solo agers. 

Stria sponsors GrandPad and Home Instead made “The Role of Technology in Social Isolation” special editorial series possible.

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