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Resource Map: Business Innovation in the Longevity Market

Stria Staff July 9, 2018

Seismic demographic shifts have created an unprecedented convergence of need and opportunity in our society—as well as an increasing demand for innovative solutions from entrepreneurs and businesses. The resulting $7.6 billion market opportunity is a call to jump in with disruptive ideas and place a bet on the most promising innovative solutions.

Stria spoke to both investors and entrepreneurs for perspective and advice on longevity economy business opportunities for a pair of stories capturing the investor view of the longevity market and the top five tips for start-up and entrepreneurs looking for funders and partner. We also developed the Business Innovation in the Longevity Market map to provide a snapshot of the funding and support ecosystem for the people and businesses who are seeking to meet the demands of an aging society.

On the map, you’ll find resources where longevity businesses can learn, get support and find funding. We also hope the map might uncover gaps in the landscape so they may be more effectively filled.

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This is a living document, and we invite our colleagues to contribute suggested additions and changes as we work together to capture this fast-moving corner of our industry. Complete the form below to offer your suggests for which resources should be included.