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Resource Map: Business Innovation in the Longevity Market

Stria Staff July 9, 2018

Stria’s Business Innovation in the Longevity Market Map provides a snapshot of the national funding and support ecosystem.

Seismic demographic shifts have created an unprecedented convergence of need and opportunity in our society. Growing demand for innovative solutions from businesses and entrepreneurs is creating a $7.6 trillion market opportunity.

Capturing the National Longevity Landscape

If you are new to the longevity market or if your business is working to meet the demands of an aging society, this market map is for you. The map captures the landscape of the national longevity market to give you a sense of the field. You’ll find example resources that help longevity businesses learn, get support and find funding.

To develop this market map, Stria spoke to investors and entrepreneurs. In addition to helping us shape this tool, they offered insight and perspective that we distilled into the investor view of the market and top five tips for start-up and entrepreneurs looking for funders and partners.

Resource Ecosystem for Businesses at All Stages

Resources on the Business Innovation in the Longevity Market Map serve longevity market startups at all early stages:

Just Getting Started: Use the market map to identify resources to help you gather advice and education on aging issues and challenges. You’ll also find potential partners in building credibility and awareness for your business.

Ready to Grow: The market map includes resources for piloting your products or services, establishing distribution channels and seeking VC funding.

Scaling Up: The resources on the market map can offer you deeper understanding of the field, opportunities for thought leadership, implementation partnerships and later-stage funding.

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National Resources Are Just the Beginning

This map is focused on national resources—but many regional and local longevity market resources are available as well. Stria will released the first state resource soon: Colorado Resource Map: Innovation in the Local Longevity Market.

Think the longevity market in your city or state merits its own map? Send us an email to tell us why your community needs a map. We’ll develop as many local tools as we can.

Does Your Organization Belong on the Market Map?

This is a living document. We invite you to contribute suggested additions and changes. Complete the form below to offer your suggestions for which resources should be included.

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