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Required Reading: The Longevity Revolution

Stria Staff July 19, 2018

EXPERT RECOMMENDATION: Mary Furlong is president and CEO of Mary Furlong & Associates. Mary is a leading authority on the longevity marketplace. She has guided the business development and marketing strategies of leading corporations, emerging companies, and nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years. Mary is the author of Turning Silver into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace. She recommends this book—as well as a second title—to longevity market professionals.

The Longevity Revolution: The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life
by Dr. Robert N. Butler

Pulitzer-prize winning author Dr. Robert Butler coined the term “ageism” and made “Alzheimer’s” a familiar word. Now he brings his formidable knowledge and experience in aging issues to a recent and unprecedented achievement: the extension of human life expectancy by thirty years. As Butler shows, our society had not yet adapted to this change.

The U.S. has not made a research investment in aging. Only eleven medical schools out of 145 have geriatrics departments compared to England where geriatrics is the number two specialty. We have not solidified private pension plans or strengthened Social Security to ensure that people do not outlive their resources. In this urgent and ultimately optimistic book, Dr. Butler shows why and how we must re-examine our personal and societal approach to aging right now, so that the boomers and the generations that follow may have a financially secure, vigorous, and healthy final chapter life. (From the publisher)


We asked Mary about her outlook on the field. Read her answers here

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