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Required Reading: How to Age

Stria Staff May 18, 2018

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How to Age
By Anne Karpf

Society has a deep fear of aging, and showing your age is increasingly one of our most pervasive taboos. Old age in modern life is widely viewed as either a time of inevitable decline or something to be resisted, denied or overcome. In How to Age, sociologist and award-winning journalist Anne Karpf urges us to radically change our narrative.

Exploring how our outlook on aging is historically determined and culturally defined, Karpf draws upon revealing case studies to suggest how aging can be an actively enriching time of immense growth. She argues that if we can recognize growing older as an inevitable part of the human condition, then the great challenge of aging turns out to be none other than the challenge of living. In How to Age, learn how aging isn’t about your wardrobe or physical fitness, but a determination to live fully at every age and stage of life. (From the publisher)

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