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Required Reading from Gretchen Alkema

Stria Staff March 19, 2018

As an expert in the field of aging, policy and social work, Gretchen Alkema is Vice President of Policy & Communications for The SCAN Foundation, an organization that “promotes aging with dignity and independence” by funding projects that coordinate elder care and services. Dr. Alkema was also the 2008-09 John Heinz/Health and Aging Policy Fellow and an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow, serving in the office of Senator Blanche L. Lincoln (D-AR).

“What Are Old People For” is a magnificent reframe of the aging experience and a solid reminder that living each day is a gift. –Gretchen Alkema

What Are Old People For?: How Elders Will Save the World
By William H. Thomas, MD

We live in a society that opposes aging, despite the evidence that each of us is, in fact, aging. This anti-aging bias has prevented us from thinking about old age in a way that feels good or that will create a good elderhood. Removing our ageist blinders, Dr. Thomas provides a motivational and visionary blueprint for old age as a healing force in society. (From the publisher)


We asked Gretchen and four of her peers what private sector innovations are most needed to address the challenges of our aging society. Read their answers.

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