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Required Reading: The Business of Aging

Stria Staff March 21, 2018

The aging of our society creates incredible opportunity for businesses—for both financial gain and positive impact. These titles share research and strategies to help leaders realize the potential of this longevity market.

The Longevity Economy: Unlocking the World’s Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market
By Joseph F. Coughlin

Over the past two decades, Joseph F. Coughlin has been busting myths about aging with groundbreaking multidisciplinary research into what older people actually want — not what conventional wisdom suggests they need. In The Longevity Economy, Coughlin provides the framing and insight business leaders need to serve the growing older market: a vast, diverse group of consumers representing every possible level of health and wealth, worth about $8 trillion in the United States alone and climbing. (From the publisher)

Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging
By Paul Irving with Rita Beamish and Arielle Burstein

Opportunities presented by an aging population will not be fully realized unless business leaders act now to prepare for this irreversible shift in demography. To discuss the significance of population aging for the business sector and society at large, the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, with the collaboration and support of the M Center of Excellence at The American College of Financial Services, convened the 2017 Summit on Business and the Future of Aging in Los Angeles.

This report includes commentary from the summit’s participants, as well as data and insights from multiple sources and identifies opportunities, innovations, human capital strategies, and forward-looking policies and practices to realize the upside of aging. It offers thoughtful, fact-filled assessments of the growing economic power of older adults, the underutilized resource of mature workers, advances that can dramatically extend lifespan, health and productivity, and a call to action. (From the publisher)

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