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Renewing Efforts to Reframe Aging Through Better Communications

Stria Staff April 12, 2019

The Reframing Aging Initiative gets new life with a multi-year grant to sustain and strengthen positive communication about aging across the field.

In 2014, eight leading organizations in the longevity market set out to uncover better ways for our field to talk about aging. Through an initiative called Reframing Aging, they developed new research into the public’s understanding of aging as well as specific communications recommendations for the field.

If you’ve attended some of the big industry conference in the past few years, you’ve likely heard of Reframing Aging. In an online poll of Stria readers, over 80 percent said you would implement the recommendations at your organization. You may have even participated in a session with one of the Master Trainers scattered throughout the country to present initiatives findings and advice.

Now there’s news of a new phase of work around Reframing Aging.

Sustaining Reframing Aging and Building Traction

Last week, The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) announced on behalf of the eight involved organizations—collectively known as the Leaders of Aging Organizations (LAO) — that a multi-year grant will fund the next chapter of the initiative.

“Changing cultural attitudes is not a small undertaking, but we have to start, playing our appropriate leadership role as researchers, practitioners and educators in the aging field,” said GSA CEO James Appleby, whose organization is leading this phase of work.

In a press release, GSA says it plans to build an infrastructure to sustain the initiative’s momentum, and raise awareness of the initiative and its resources. They will provide professionals in aging training and technical assistance, and support related efforts of local organizations. In addition, they will convene an advisory board to offer guidance and encourage adoption of the Reframing Aging principles.

This work is supported by Archstone Foundation, The John A. Hartford Foundation, The Retirement Research Foundation and The SCAN Foundation, with additional funding from Endowment for Health.

“The history of social movements strongly suggests that harnessing the unifying power of shared narratives is essential to enact long-term social change,” Appleby said. “This work is critical for moving toward a more just, and more inclusive, every-generation-nation.”

As we await more information, give us an update on your organization’s use of Reframing Aging.

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