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Publisher’s Welcome

Susan Donley March 26, 2018

Welcome to Stria.

We are a media platform on a mission. Through our journalism, live events and client service, we seek to inspire cross-sector solutions for our aging society. You’ll find us everywhere in the aging ecosystem, and at strianews.com, in your inbox and on social media.

I founded Stria to fill a gap. While leading Next Avenue (PBS’s content site for people over 50), I heard concerns that our field is too siloed, that ideas are sometimes slow to advance, that problems too often feel intractable. At the same time, the urgency—and opportunity—of demographic shifts are only intensifying.

This fast-growing market needs a place to come together to learn about one another and collaborate. And we need impactful communications that allow the field to flourish. Stria will meet these needs by offering a platform where organizational leaders and influential thinkers can present their ideas across the aging community—and gain insights you might otherwise miss.

Stria News will make it easier to stay on top of what matters most in the field. Our reporting will uncover or elevate issues that have cross-sector value, but not necessarily cross-sector visibility. Our editorials, interviews and expert essays will stimulate new conversations and new ways of thinking.

Over the past several months, I’ve assembled a team of journalists, developers, designers and marketers to create the strianews.com we’re launching today. In addition, we are fortunate to have a group of informal advisors that include some of the premier journalists covering aging, as well as leaders in the media and longevity market.

We’ll also look to you for advice and direction. Stria’s audience comprises some of the most informed and influential people in the longevity market. Your insight and feedback will be a critical part of what guides us forward. That’s why you’ll see polls, surveys and requests for input throughout Stria. We understand and appreciate the contribution our readers can make toward increasing our value to the field.

Stria is a work in progress. We seek to move the needle with every piece of content we publish, with every event we hold and with every client collaboration. I hope you’ll join us on this journey toward a more connected, informed and, ultimately, more impactful longevity market.

Thank you for visiting today. I invite you to subscribe and keep coming back to strianews.com.


Susan Donley
Publisher & CEO

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Susan Donley

Susan Donley is Publisher and CEO of Stria. She is dedicated to improving the lives of older people through powerful media and communications. Previously Susan served as Publisher and Managing Director of PBS's Next Avenue.

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