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Defining the Longevity Market

Stria Staff March 22, 2018

The longevity market is working toward a society that values, supports and serves older people. But what exactly is the longevity market?

Seismic demographic shifts have created an unprecedented convergence of need and opportunity in our society—as well as an increasing demand for innovative solutions from entrepreneurs and businesses.

Stria News is journalism for people who work in the field aging. We unify the multiple lines of business, service and study that define the longevity economy—surfacing the issues and ideas that matter most.

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Beginning with a Person-Centered Perspective

Our definition of the market starts with the core needs, desires and potential of 50+ consumers. If your work supports these aspects of life for older people, you’re part of the longevity market.

  • Money & Security
  • Home & Housing
  • Health & Longevity
  • Caregiving & Family
  • Spirituality & Identity
  • Learning & Connection
  • Purpose & Giving Back
  • Civic Life & Community
longevity market

Sectors and Fields in the Longevity Market

The longevity market covers a wide range of fields and includes professionals from many different sectors. The common denominator is that products and services are directly related to solutions for our aging society.

Sectors We Serve
  • Consumer Businesses & Start-ups
  • Philanthropy & Grantmakers
  • Nonprofit & Community Organizations
  • Investors & Lenders
  • Associations & Member Organizations
  • Academia & Research
  • Government Agencies & Policymakers
  • Business Consultants & Vendors
Fields We Cover
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Home Modification
  • Housing
  • Long Term & Memory Care
  • Personal Care
  • Professional Services
  • Public Policy & Programs
  • Travel, Media & Entertainment
  • Research & Thought Leadership
  • Technology & Communications
  • Training & Education
  • Wellness
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Volunteering & Community Service

This emerging longevity market needs a place to come together to learn about one another and collaborate, and we need impactful communications that allow the field to flourish. At Stria, we believe in the power of media to advance the field and ultimately to build a society that values, supports and serves older people. Subscribe to join us!

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