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Local Longevity Markets: Zoom in on Colorado

Stria Staff March 4, 2019

Stria is zooming in on local communities to find inspiration, lessons and ideas. First up: the Colorado Longevity Market.

If you work in the longevity market these days, you probably hear a lot about “scale.” Wether you’re working at a start up, a nonprofit or a foundation, many of us are thinking about how our work can have the broadest impact and reach the most people. The enormity of the older population, the scale of the market opportunity and the gaping holes in resources naturally lead us to think big, bigger, biggest!

But making change at a large scale is sometimes slow and often frustrating. And in today’s national political environment, systems-level efforts can feel almost impossible. That’s why Stria is zooming in on local communities to find inspiration, lessons and ideas. First up: Colorado.

Zoom In On Colorado

age tech colorado
Can Colorado Find Its Place As an Age-Tech Hub?

Colorado is fertile ground for innovation and investment in the longevity market. Can it become a hub for age-tech business?

Colorado tech startup
What a Colorado Tech Startup Learned in Its Own Back Yard 

The state has been a fine proving ground for the Denver-based home sharing business Silvernest. What lessons can we learn from a Colorado start-up?

Colorado Resource Map

Download a snapshot of resources that help longevity businesses learn, get support and find funding. What is the local support ecosystem for businesses serving people 50+?

Think your community deserves a closer look? We’ll zoom in on states, regions and cities to uncover pockets of progress—illuminating the landscape and gleaning lessons that readers can apply wherever they live. Email us to tell us why we should feature your hometown.

Stria partnered with Longevity Colorado on content exploring the state’s local longevity market. See the full series here.

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