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Tweets of the Year: 2018

Stria Staff December 28, 2018

Stria highlights social posts from the longevity market throughout the year. Following are the very best tweets from 2018.

We hope these make you smile, feel inspired, learn something and most importantly, will encourage you to join the public conversation. The more we elevate the issues that matter most, the more impact our collective voice will have! These fifteen post are presented in no particular order—but we do save the best for last.

1. This slam of the age discrimination that riddled the response to Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony from April. Kazuki Yamada slays.
2. From May, more proof that ageism isn’t based in fact, but misperceptions. Alana Officer nails it: we MUST stop assuming older people and tech don’t mix.
3. This viral post from April that reminded us of the beauty that can come from caregiving. (Over 600k engagements is also proof that any of us can help raise awareness of the issues that matter.)
4. AARP’s Jean Accius schooling the Wall Street Journal in June for its “tips” for older workers. Mainstream media is waking up to the truths about aging — but longevity market professionals will continue to keep them honest!
5. This reminder to get to the polls from our Tweets of the Week “Election Edition.” Elaine Ryan wins because cats (and because she has strong social media game).
6. This smart and innovative new partnership from July, designed to support aging in place for low-income folks. Collaboration is critical for all of us working to make better communities for growing older.
7. This perspective on aging from singer P!nk after she was trolled on Twitter for looking “old” in May. More and more famous women spoke out and stood up against ageism this year.
8. This Nike ad from October that gives us all the feelings. (And if Amy Berman says it’s good, then who are we to disagree?)
9. This language change shared in December that elevates kindness and respect at the end of life. Words matter (and BTW so do nurses)!
10. This reminder from June that allowing older people—or anyone in our society—to languish and suffer in loneliness is morally unconscionable. Sachin Jain cuts through the nonsense with this one.
11. This news about advances in telemedicine…. for puppies?! George Yedinak brought the funny in July — and he knows that we need good telemedicine in the mix for older adults.
12. This pithy truth shared by Aging2.0 in August. It’s short and sweet — and also a nuance that more people need to understand.
13. This May the Fourth post from our own Twitter feed. (Self-congratulatory, we know… but come on, “longevity rebels“!)
14. This advice for RGB after she fell in November. Anne Tumlinson understands the complicated rules of care reimbursement— and reminds us that they affect everyone (no matter how notorious we may be!).
15. This obvious truth— that still needs telling. Adweek got it right in August, but…
…they got it horribly wrong just one month later. Ashton Applewhite’s on-point tweet was the tip of the spear. The longevity market erupted across social media in response to this ageist election ad. Want to get fired up for 2019? Read all these posts!

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