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Ads and Sponsorships

Stria News is a trade media platform for the longevity market. Sponsorships offer access to a targeted audience of informed and influential people working in aging.

Stria brings together people, ideas and news from all corners of the longevity market. Our readership includes some of the most informed and influential people working in aging. We offer sponsorship packages on an annual or month-by-month basis. When you advertise with Stria, your organization receives a collection of display ads and content opportunities across Stria platforms, as well as access to our services and subscriptions. We also offer single sponsored posts for easy implementation of your content marketing strategies.

You can advertise wth Stria News starting at $1,000. It is an affordable way to maximize your budgets to achieve your marketing goals:

  • Reach an influential audience of longevity professionals
  • Stand out in a unique content environment
  • Leverage Stria’s editorial expertise
  • Grow your thought leadership impact

Learn more now by downloading the 2019 Stria News Sponsorship & Advertising Kit.

Why advertise with Stria? It is a simple and affordable way to reach your colleagues, peers and potential clients or customers in the field. Your messages appear in the unique context of the Stria News platform.

With a custom program, you can also access Stria’s editorial and communications expertise, via Stria Studio. That means you can rest assured that your content and messages are fine-tuned to resonate with your target audience.

Ready to get started? Contact our publisher Susan Donley by email or at 202-248-1649.

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