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Welcome to Stria

Stria is a media platform for the longevity market. We provide information, experiences and content that inspire cross-sector solutions for our aging society.

Stria brings together the most important ideas, people and news from the longevity market. Our reporting and events deliver a foundation of understanding and insight for longevity professionals. And our client services help partners create powerful content and communication strategies that advance their position in the field.

Stria is for and about the entire aging ecosystem. We unify the multiple lines of business, service and study that define our field—surfacing the issues and ideas that matter most.

Why Stria?

Seismic demographic shifts have created an unprecedented convergence of need and opportunity in our society—as well as an increasing demand for innovative solutions from entrepreneurs and businesses. This emerging “longevity market” needs a place to come together to learn about one another and collaborate, and we need impactful communications that allow the field to flourish.

Read more about how we define the longevity market. At Stria, we believe in the power of media to advance the field and ultimately to build a society that values, supports and serves older people.

Who Is Stria?

Stria was founded in 2018 by Susan Donley, who is now an executive at the national association of aging services providers, LeadingAge. Susan is dedicated to improving the lives of older people through powerful media and communications. She discovered the impact media can have on the longevity market as Publisher and Managing Director of Next Avenue, public media’s first and only national service for America’s booming older population. Under Susan’s leadership, Next Avenue grew to serve over 45 million people at nextavenue.org, and she founded Next Avenue’s Influencers in Aging, an annual list of people changing aging in America. Read a message from Susan about why she launched Stria.

Stria is currently in negotiation for new ownership.

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