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A Look At Intergenerational Roles in the Longevity Market

Stria Staff May 13, 2019

As new graduates consider careers in aging, let’s remember why an intergenerational approach is important.

We know the power of intergenerational programs and workplaces, so how can we assure our field is tapping into all generations of talent? This graduation season, Stria is looking how we can encourage more young people to enter the longevity market.

Following are stories that dive into the power of intergenerational programs, careers in aging and perspectives from young longevity market professionals.

The Power of an Intergenerational Approach

Connecting Generations

The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations
This essay is adapted from Marc Freedman’s book “How to Live Forever.” How can bringing the generations together chip away at problems?

intergenerational lives

Are We Shifting Back Toward Intergenerational Lives?
Should we be looking more closely at how to foster connections between generations? Intergenerational advocates say yes.

ageism before & after

A Vaccination against Ageism and a Prescription for Longevity
Andrea J. Fonte Weaver of Bridges Together says intergenerational programs can change views on aging. How do longevity market organizations lead the way?

intergenerational programs

Time to Turn up the Volume on Intergenerational Programs
Trent Stamp, CEO of Eisner Foundation, says senior housing is too clean and quiet. Are more intergenerational programs the solution?

Careers in Aging

career in aging

Preparing for Work in the Aging Economy
As colleges adapt to attract and prepare more students for a career in aging, the pipeline for graduates improve.

Elder Law

The Expanding Field of Elder Law
Older people are taking legal steps to protect themselves, while law enforcement gets more aggressive. Today, elder law practitioners are in demand as never before.

Perspective From Emerging Leaders

A Younger Professional’s Perspective on Intergenerational Programs
Emily Merritt, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

longevity market entrepreneur

A Young Longevity Market Entrepreneur
Leda Rosenthal, Alz You Need

Social Worker aging

A Social Worker and Educator Focused on Aging
Cal J. Halvorsen, Boston College

Stria will continue to publish Q&As with younger longevity market professionals.

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